A typical weekend

Here we describe a typical weekend

Canvas Hotel Telemark is not like other hotels. We are an oasis in the middle of the wilderness, 2 km from the nearest road, and 7 km from the nearest settlement. It is a place to enjoy the magnificent nature that inner Telemark offers, on foot, with a fishing rod. Or more preferably, with a mountian bike.

 A tailor-made experience for you



Arrival day

We’ll meet you at the car park a couple of kilometers from the hotel. The luggage is driven up to the hotel with separate transport. We try to arrange for everyone to take a short trip by bike or on foot upon arrival. You can also just enjoy something good in a glass in the lounge, in front of one of our fireplaces or in one of the saunas.

Dinner is served at 20:30

Dinner at Canvas

Our meals are served in our restaurant. Here, our chefs and guides serve a wonderful 3-course meal to be enjoyed with those at your party and new acquaintances. As for drinks, our guides will ensure that you get a good recommendation on what to pair with your meal.

Day 2

You will be woken up with fresh coffee delivered to your yurt, then a hearty breakfast will be served in our restaurant or outdoors. We plan the day based on the weather, guest wishes and biking conditions, so that it is optimal for everyone. Our guides also divide you according to level so that everyone can find a group on a similar experience level.

We return for lunch and have a quiet time in the yurt, or with another activity. Those who want to take an afternoon trip can do so, or you can choose to enjoy the silence of our camp while the others are on their trip.

Day 2+

After a day of lots of exercise and fresh air, it feels extra nice with a refreshing bath in the pond, followed by a trip to the sauna with something good in the glass.

In the lounge, you can buy some snacks or refreshments before we enjoy a wonderful 3-course meal between eight and nine o'clock.

Departure day

You will be woken up with coffee in the yurt, then a hearty breakfast. We take a ride on the bike before lunch and check out at 2 pm.