Norrøna Canvas Telemark

Mountain bike heaven

The world's only mountain bike hotel, in the middle of the wilderness.
World-class trails and glamping.

Imagine over 100 kilometers of slickrock connected together by singletrack trails running through lush vegetation in the middle of the wilderness. Picture a trail that never ends, that goes over a bridge and onto a small island in a secluded clearing. Suddenly, in the middle of the rocks, you spot a hideout built exclusively to elevate your mountain biking experience.

Canvas is a piece of paradise ideal for all outdoor lovers and especially mountain bike enthusiasts. The trails are arranged so that it is a perfect location to both learn and advance your level, with seasoned guides who will help you with technique and safety. It is also ideal for expert bikers. 

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We can tailor your company gathering, event, kick-off, birthday or party. Plenty of space for groups of up to 34 people and lots of space in the lounge for meeting activities.
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Opening hours
Mon - Fri: 8am - 8pm
Sat - Sun: 2pm - 5pm

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The camp

Canvas Hotel has been stripped of the everyday necessities and typical hotel amenities but that doesn’t mean you won’t find luxury. Here, you will be able to experience nature in a truly unique way at one of the world’s most exclusive hideaways designed to be a paradise for mountain bikers.

About the camp

The trails and biking

After a relaxing mid-day break and a fantastic meal, there is the option to hop on our bikes again. We live right on the trail, so the stress of transport doesn’t exist. The terrain is so varied and offers the best rides for all levels. On the smooth rocks, you can choose your own path, with varying degrees of technical difficulty allowing beginners and experts to ride side by side.

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The overnight stay

A yurt - the traditional nomadic home of Mongolia and surrounding regions, has been widely used for thousands of years. Enjoy a high quality sleep in Hästens beds on an island in the middle of Telemark's wilderness. Each yurt is equipped with a wood burning stove and a private toilet with your bike, the restaurant and the spa/showers only a few meters away.

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Food and drink

To create the ultimate relaxed and inviting atmosphere, we have built a long table in the middle of several large grills so you can socialize while watching your meal cooks and enjoy the radiant heat. Combined with an excellent drink pairing and a spectacular view of the pond, this culinary adventure excites all five senses.

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Spa and sauna

We use water as a form of relaxation here in the wilderness. A cold swim in the pond, a warm bath in a tub on the wharf, a steamy sauna, or a shower with the hot stream coming from a flower pot hung between two trees. It feels indescribably good after hours on the bike.

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Slappe av

The social gatherings

Canvas Telemark is built with a unique social ambiance at its core. Here, everyone gathers around the communal dinner table, around the bonfire place called the Bird’s nest, and in the sauna to share the highlights of the day and meet new people with similar interests.

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Our host and guides

Everyone working at Canvas Hotel has great passion for Mountain Biking and providing you with a unique experience. 

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