Built responsibly

Canvas Hotel is an "off grid" paradise. The yurts have been placed on stilts along the rocky slopes. There is no infrastructure here. The hotel is built in such a way that if it is taken down, its trace will disappear. We use upgraded solar panels, gas and wood burning as the main sources for heat and food preparation.

We do have electricity in common areas to charge mobile phones and PCs. We do not have charging facilities for electric cars and the nearest speed charger is Brokelandheia

The kitchen at Canvas Telemark is as unique as the rest of this secluded hideaway. With no conventional heating methods, we rely on the simplicity and character of more classic food preparation without taking away from its quality.

Norrøna Canvas is part of Ærli. It is a collection of some of the most prominent tourism companies whose common ambition is to move beyond sustainability, because humanity's way of living and consuming is no longer sustainable. We must repair, restore and regenerate. Just the way nature does it.

Norrøna Canvas also participates in the norwegian "ECO-Lighthouse" certification scheme and is scheduled to be certified this year.