A crazy idea in 2006

For 12 years, Jan Fasting was responsible for the safety and route planning for the Norwegian reality series, 71°Nord. During a trip in 2006, he met landowner and future business partner Per Kveim

“The nature here is completely unique and I saw that it had enormous potential for trail cycling,” says Jan. 

Jan was living in a tent on the island where the hotel is located today. It was while he was there, the wild  idea arose of ​​creating a secluded luxury hotel tailored  specifically for mountain bikers. In 2010, the Canvas Hotel opened for guests to enjoy a nature experience that is unlike any other.

Founder Jan Fasting, to the left
Founder Jan Fasting, to the left


Jan Fasting

Canvas Hotel was founded by Jan Fasting. His list of achievements includes: An education in sports, former member of the Norwegian naval special forces, and was among the Norwegian elite in river paddling. In addition, he has experience as a mountain and bicycle guide. For a number of years, he worked as the security manager and route planner for the Norwegian reality series 71°Nord. Jan grew up in Arendal and was one who introduced cycling in Sørmarka. Back then, it can best be characterized as savage cycling on the gravel hiking trails in the forest.

I have always lived a life outdoors, and have 35 years of experience as an outdoor guide. For 12 years, I was responsible for the safety and route planning for 71°Nord. It was on one of these trips that I met landowner Per Kveim and that's how the adventure about Canvas Hotel began.