In the middle of nowhere

Canvas Telemark is located in the highlands, in an isolated area 7 km from the nearest village. The hotel can not be accessed via vehicle, but you can park where the road ends and cycle or walk in. A host from Canvas Hotel will meet you when you park to help with your luggage so you can freely walk the path that takes about half an hour's walk (about 2 km) to the camp.

"The idea is that you should put aside the hustle and bustle of everyday life in the car park, and have plenty of time to get in touch with nature before you check in," shares Thomas.

We want to encourage travels to choose eco-friendly transport. Please contact us for recommendations! Groups are encouraged to rent a bus or take the train to Gjerstad and a bus from there.

Distance by car from:
  1. Oslo city centre      3,5 hours, 255 km
  2. Oslo airport Gardermoen     4 hours, 300 km
  3. Torp airport     2 hours, 145 km
  4. Kristiansand airport    2 hours, 120 km
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