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Upon first glance, Canvas Hotel is reminiscent of a safari lodge. Traditional Kyrgyz yurt-style tents and specially designed house tents dot the landscape made in a durable, Khaki-colored canvas. Small bridges connect the hotel to the trails on each side of this tiny island allowing the biking to begin straight from the heart of this hotel. You can choose to relax your muscles in the wood-fired saunas or in one of our famous outdoor bathtubs. Or, you can retreat to your yurt to relax and reflect both before and after dining on delicious meals that are as distinctive as the hotel itself.

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A crazy idea in 2006

For 12 years, Jan Fasting was responsible for the safety and route planning for the Norwegian reality series, 71°Nord. During a trip in 2006, he met landowner and future business partner Per Kveim
Jan was living in a tent on the island where the hotel is located today. It was while he was there, the wild  idea arose of ​​creating a secluded luxury hotel tailored  specifically for mountain bikers. In 2010, the Canvas Hotel opened for guests to enjoy a nature experience that is unlike any other.


About the Founder

Jan Fasting

Canvas Hotel was founded by Jan Fasting. His list of achievements includes: An education in sports, former member of the Norwegian naval special forces, and was among the Norwegian elite in river paddling. In addition, he has experience as a mountain and bicycle guide. For a number of years, he worked as the security manager and route planner for the Norwegian reality series 71°Nord. Jan grew up in Arendal and was one who introduced cycling in Sørmarka. Back then, it can best be characterized as savage cycling on the gravel hiking trails in the forest..”I have always lived a life outdoors, and have 35 years of experience as an outdoor guide. For 12 years, I was responsible for the safety and route planning for 71°Nord. It was on one of these trips that I met landowner Per Kveim and that's how the adventure about Canvas Hotel began,” says Jan



In the middle of nowhere

Canvas Telemark is located in the highlands, in an isolated area 7 km from the nearest village. The hotel can not be accessed via vehicle, but you can park where the road ends and cycle or walk in. A host from Canvas Hotel will meet you when you park to help with your luggage so you can freely walk the path that takes about half an hour's walk (about 2 km) to the camp.


Who is this hideaway built for?

Canvas is a piece of paradise ideal for all outdoor lovers and especially trail bike enthusiasts. The trails are arranged so that it is a perfect location to both learn and advance your level, with seasoned guides who will help you with technique and safety. It is also ideal for expert trail cyclists. There are plenty of paths with varying terrain. There are also several areas with long streams that are fun to cycle parts of.


Built responsibly

Canvas Hotel is an "off grid" paradise. The yurts have been placed on stilts along the rocky slopes. There is no infrastructure here. The hotel is built in such a way that if it is taken down, its trace will disappear. We use upgraded solar panels, gas and wood burning as the main sources for heat and food preparation. 

We do have electricity in common areas to charge mobile phones and PCs. We do not have charging facilities for electric cars and the nearest speed charger is Brokelandheia.

The kitchen at Canvas Telemark is as unique as the rest of this secluded hideaway. With no conventional heating methods, we rely on the simplicity and character of more classic food preparation without taking away from its quality.

Built Responsibly


Natural luxury

Wake up to the birds chirping and morning light flooding your yurt. Enjoy a social and relaxed lounge and bonfire areas. Be wowed by the incredible meals that are inspired by simplicity and cooked over wood fired stoves and grills. Relax your muscles in the spa and sauna before and after biking trips. Fix and prep your bike for the next day's ride with a fully outfitted workshop and cleaning stations.


This place is an experience like nothing else. I have been to Canvas Hotell twice and it is a secluded and well hidden secret that is nothing short of spectacular. Everything from the food, spectacular scenery and wonderful staff makes this place a little heaven on earth. The mountain biking trails kept you going for hours and made you in awe of what Norwegian nature has to offer. Book a weekend, you will not regret it!

Canvas is like a high-end African safari camp, but pitched in a Norwegian wilderness. There is no great game to be seen, but stunning track cycling (great walks too!), on fantastic trails through the landscape. The yurts are great, the staff amazing, both the guides and the great cook (Desmond - we're amazed!). The atmosphere is rustic but beautiful. Highly recommended!


How about endless slickrock terrain with marked trails for guided biking in daytime, combined with high end hotel accommodation and food? Including massage, sauna, hot tub and bonfire story telling on top of this. Canvas Hotel in Telemark offers this incredible mix of adrenaline biking and soothing comfort.